Video Buttons

The technologies of litigation support – synchronization, field video, and settlement brochures – have advantageously transformed the process for attorneys, clients, juries, and judges.

At trial, attorneys appreciate the increased efficiency and professionalism made possible by the synchronization of video, transcripts, and exhibits all in one place.

With a digital file to quickly access and edit information, they can also do the following:

  • Eliminate messy analog video and paper exhibits.
  • Search within transcripts and video for testimony with the use of keywords.
  • Access any testimony and pretrial depositions.
  • Impeach witnesses when inconsistent statements are made between discovery and in-trial testimony.
  • Revisit pivotal testimony in closing arguments with precision and time efficiency.

Jensen Litigation Solutions deliverables are compatible with all major trial presentation software.
Contact a JLS professional to learn more about this valuable function.