Trial Services

Jensen Litigation Solutions - Trial Services

Litigators are becoming increasingly sophisticated about trial strategies. With solid research on how jurors comprehend and process key information about a case, they serve their clients’ best interests toward winning in court.

After all, litigation is a bit like war, is it not? You enter the conflict with the best technologies to support your legal strategy. A strategic use of trial services looks at jurors, judges, and even defendants to identify means by which they can comprehend and appreciate your case.

These services come in several forms:

  • Presentation Consulting – Take a holistic look at the case you must make, the narrative that can carry it, and how to make it convincing.
  • Jury Research – Different people interpret the law from different perspectives. Make sure the jurors you select are open-minded to the case you will make. Also, some legal concepts can be presented in different ways. Make sure your case is optimally effective by testing it with a mock jury.
  • Demonstratives – What does a head injury look like? What caused it to happen? What are its effects? The answers to each of these questions require a different means of communication in a courtroom. Learn more about which demonstratives can help you make your most important points.
  • Day-in-the-Life – Some accident victims are profoundly injured and require 24/7 care. How each moment is navigated needs to be considered in a personal injury trial.
  • Equipment Rental – The full gamut of equipment at Jensen is available for rental. This includes projectors, screens, laptops, speakers, switchers, and Elmos.

Not sure which tool would be best for your case? Feel free to talk to a Jensen Litigation Solutions professional to discuss it in detail and in confidentiality.