Videography and Photography

The strength of visuals in communications cannot be overstated. Through the use of visual mediums such as videos and photos, a jury can see how an injury has affected someone’s life and family, how an injury occurred, and how property was damaged as a result of negligence. Presenting this information through video or photography helps to reach jurors in a way that verbal communication simply cannot.

The team at Jensen Litigation Solutions has the talent and experience to create this imagery using best-in-class technologies, and most importantly, a practiced sense of storytelling that can be molded to fit a legal strategy.
Three such technologies are powerful tools in litigation...

Synchronization – Neither judge nor jury wants to wait for an attorney to rifle through video and paper exhibits to make an argument. Now, it is possible for exhibits, transcripts, and video to be synchronized for smooth presentations or on-the-fly responses to unexpected testimony or twists in a case.

Field videography – The power of video is enhanced with skilled filming and legal-appropriate post-production work. Jensen videographers are experienced at capturing precisely what attorneys need to make their case.

Settlement brochures – The impact of accidents is often but not always visual; however, anything that can be translated into photos, graphs, and charts will make the strongest impression. This kind of information can make a huge difference in the size of judgments.

Don’t approach any kind of litigation at a disadvantage. Videography and photography are essential tools when it comes to communicating with an audience who lives in an increasingly visual world.

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